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A little bit about us...

We got the keys for the cottage in November 2018 and brought the building back to the bare stone over the coming weeks and months. Progress was slow as we were travelling up from Aberdeen every Friday night for a full-on weekend of renovations, which were particularly gruelling in the winter months with no heating. 

Five months into the renovations we found out we were (unexpectedly) expecting twins. Luckily it didn't hamper our progress too much and I managed to keep picking up the paint brush until a week before I had the boys. With a lot of help from family and friends over winter, we finished the cottage in March 2020 with plans of opening on 1st April. Unfortunately the pandemic hit so we officially opened mid July 2020 and since opening our doors, we have had the loveliest bunch of guests! 

Next on our agenda is to fix up the concrete area and old shed at the back door area but for now we'll be enjoying some relaxing stays in front of the fire...

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